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The Bennetts

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This company was founded by Sena Ogawa-Bracey, Olivia Bennett and Grace Kenny, all true animal lovers.


Those unable to own a kitten should be able to enjoy a family pet. Kittens Insured is a non-profit organisation that supplies families across New Zealand with a cat, fulfillment it's needs, and full insurance.

The Bennetts.

The Bennetts The Bennetts are a loving family who benefitted greatly from having a kitten. Their cat Princess was provided by Kittens Insured, and is a loving house pet. Their family has become happier and more closely knitted from having Princess. Jackie, one of the Bennett daughters says, "Princess is the perfect family cat. By having to feed and brush her every day I have become more responsible. I am so grateful to Kittens Insured for providing us with our beautiful cat." Kittens Insured is proud to be helping the Bennett family and many more around New Zealand.